Introduction to Data Visualization - Learn Simple
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Introduction to Data Visualization

Learn why, what, how about data visualization in most simple and easy way. | taught by Ajay Nayak
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Course description

Why Data Visualization?

  • If you would like to work in an exciting analytics and data visualization project, then this is the starting point for you.
  • In the current scenario data is the currency and the potential to use it the right way, at the right time for the right reason gives you possibility beyond imagination.
  • Data visualization is a vast topic and consist of many sub-parts which are a subject in itself . We in our course have tried to paint a clear picture of what you need to know and what people will be looking for you in a visualization project.
  • UX in Data visualization is key in modern times to meet the expectation of your user.This course will highlight what are the benefits of using a good UX and how to do it.
  • This course is structured to provide all the key aspect of Data visualization in the most simple and clear fashion.So you can start the journey in the data visualization world.

What are the requirements?

  • Having a basic understanding about terminologies used in web technologies and design.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn and understand the importance of data visualization.
  • Learn what is user experience in data visualization and its importance.
  • Learn about basic and advance chart types used in data visualization.
  • Learn the psychology of visualization with Gestalt Principles.
  • Earn certification by learning the concepts simple
  • Get a solid understanding of how people work in data visualization project.

What is the target audience?

  • People who want to get into data visualization.
  • Developers who want to work in analytics and visualization project.
  • Web, Mobile App and Software Designer.
  • Design thinker.
  • Graduate Students and University Students.

Ajay Nayak
Ajay Nayak
Lead Instructor at UI5CN

Ajay Nayak is Lead Instructor and Co-Founder of UI5CN and has more than 8 years of experience with online video-based learning. Previously he has worked with some of the reputed names like SAP®, Capgemini®, Skybuffer and Statoil® as a developer, consultant, architect and Subject matter experts respectively.

According to him, learning should be interactive and engaging. And keeping an element of fun in it, can make even difficult concept simple to understand.


Section 8: Working with customers
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Section 9: Summary of the course
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Frequently Asked Questions

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UI5CN content design and user experience team keeps a check thus ensuring world class contents. The content is designed such that students are able to work on technologies after having a hands-on exposure to them and aquire professional techniques after completing the courses. Respective UI5CN instructors also help users with any question or doubt regarding the course or coding exercise.
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Yes, once a user completes all the video content, text content and multiple choice questions in the course, they will be getting a UI5CN course completion certificate which can be shared in LinkedIn, job portals and extracted as PDF as well. The certificate has a unique id which can be verified through UI5CN platform as well.
UI5CN team is dedicated for the purpose of making learning happen. Respective SME will take care of all queries and question that are brought into platform and good questions are also showcased in weekly live webinars with details.
Offline features of UI5CN Course and Bundles will be rolled out soon which will allow students to take video content offline and watch them without the need of internet.
This courses will take you 3.0 hrs to watch completely and since exercises are also involved, you might take slightly longer to complete the course. But if you have already had experience with the basics, then you can complete this course in relatively lesser time than specified.

Reviews (9)

by Riya Agarwal
Excellent introduction and more. Very professional.

by Kevin Andrew

by Gränìt Jàkàrôvîç
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by Riya Agarwal
Excellent introduction and more. Very professional.

by Kevin Andrew

by Gränìt Jàkàrôvîç


by Alexander Uzelac
Not bad!

by Lauro Jorge Prado

Good examples, but expected some coding as well!

by Catherine Cameron
Very good UX examples that we can understand easily. Lot of tips and tricks to create good and better UX designs. Expected some coding examples in this free course to start with.

Basics of visualizations covered

by Bjørg Olsen
Nice overview it was a good refresher, 1-2 typos but that was ok !

Course content are basics but is helpful for beginners like me go get started

by Amu Nikeo

Basics are covered well, presentation is ok !

by Steve Illis